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Episode 147 – Based on True Stories

Recorded 5-27-2021:  This week Drew and Pete come back from a week off and find a large pile on the news desk, so after they spend some time catching up with the world Drew and... Read More
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Episode 146 – 20 Questions

This week the guys take a week off, but for everyone looking for something to listen to on their holiday drive.  Drew and Pete got together with friends of the show Mary Liz and Adam... Read More
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Episode 145 – Movies From 2020

Recorded 5-12-2021:  Well the Oscars are over for this round of movies, and if you have been listening then you know its time for Drew and Pete to sit down and discuss their favorite movies... Read More
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Episode 144 – Adult Kid Shows

Recorded 5-6-2021: The week our Heroes sit down once again to discuss the news. And then they talk about 5 kid shows they would like to see remade for adults. Top 5 List 50 minutes... Read More
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Episode 143 – R Rated Muppets

Recorded 4-29-21:  This week its business as per usual, and then Drew and Pete talk about a strange kind of Top 5 List…Five rated R movies that they would like to see remade with Muppets.... Read More

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