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Episode 153 – Music of Film

Recorded 7-6-2021:  Once again Drew is joined by special guest Adam Hills while Peter finishes his vacation. Drew and Adam hit the news desk and then talk about their Top 5 favorite Film composers. Top... Read More
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Episode 152 – Fictional Presidents

Recorded 6-29-2021:  This week Pete is off on vacation and Drew is joined by friend of the show Adam Hills.  Adam talks about his YouTube Channel FlyFS and what he has been up to since... Read More
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Episode 151 – Military Movies

Recorded 6-23-2021:  This week Drew and Pete tackle a lite news week and then talk about their Top 5 favorite Military Movies. Top 5 List is 33 minutes in. Read More
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Episode 150 – Flawless Victory

Recorded 6-17-2021:  Business as usual as the guys tackle the news and talk about what they are watching.  Then Drew and Pete talk about their Top 5 favorite fighting video games. Top 5 List is... Read More
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Episode 149 – Movies from 1996

Recorded 6-9-2021:  This week Drew and Pete inch one episode closer to the 150 episode milestone.  After they tackle the news, they talk about their 5 favorite movies from 1996. Top Five list is 41... Read More

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