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Episode 113 – Toys that made us

Recorded 10-1-2020:  Drew and Pete discuss all the things they are watching and as they go down the tangent road as they discuss the news.  But then they go down memory lane a little bit... Read More
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Episode 112 – 1987

Recorded 9-24-2020:  There was a ton of news this week and Drew and Pete strap in for a good old time going down the road of tangents.  Then the guys talk about their 5 favorite... Read More
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Episode 111 – Channel Stoppers

Recorded 9-17-2020:  We continue through this crazy world that we live in, but Drew and Pete keep finding things to discuss.  After a few random news stories, The guys discuss the 5 things on TV... Read More
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Episode 110 – All your base belong to us

Recorded 9-10-2020:  Its business as usual as the guys discuss what they are watching, and they cover the news. and then they have a great time talking about the 5 Secret bases in pop culture... Read More
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Episode 109 – Spy Thriller

Recorded 9-3-2020:  After they guys came out from under the DC Fandome the news was a little lighter, and movie theaters are starting to open up again.  So after the guys talk some news, Drew... Read More

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