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Episode 97 – Best of the Worst

Recorded 6-11-2020:  Well this week the guys get ever closer to the 100 episode mark and its business as usual.  Drew and Pete talk about somethings they watched. and then they clear off the news... Read More
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Episode 96 – Super Pets

Recorded 6-4-2020:  So 2020 seems to be getting much stranger as we continue through the days.  However Drew and Pete want to still try and supply a place that we can relax and escape and... Read More
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Episode 95 – Best of the Best

Recorded 5-28-2020:  Tons of Snyder Cut news hits and it looks like we are getting much more that we thought when it comes to the Snyder Cut.  With possible reshoots needing to be scheduled is... Read More
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Episode 94 – SNYDERCUT

Recorded 5-21-2020: Its the news we have all been waiting for! Zack Snyder and Warner Brothers are finally releasing the Legendary Snydercut of Justice League.  The guys break down what they know and their excitement... Read More
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Episode 93 – Film Education

Recorded 5-14-20:  Drew and Pete sit down once again to look at the news and discus what is available.  Then the guys take a look a a world where they would be teaching a Film... Read More

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