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Episode 161 – Anime

Recorded 8-31-2021:  Drew and Pete get together once again to talk about all the things they have watched and read, and clear off the never ending news desk.  The they take a look at their... Read More
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Episode 160 – Fictional Sports

Recorded 8-26-2021:  Drew and Pete catch up on things watched and read, and clear off the news desk.  Then They talk about the 5 fictional sports they would like to play. Top 5 List is... Read More
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Episode 159 – Traveling through the stars

Recorded 8-18-2021:  Drew watched a lot this week  and has several reviews.  Then after Drew and Pete clean off the news desk they talk about their Top 5 favorite space ships. Top 5 List 42... Read More
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Episode 158 – Spoiled

Recorded 8-11-12:  Drew and Pete clear off the news desk, and then they take a look back at 5 moments when things were spoiled for them…or they accidently spoiled stuff of others. Top 5 List... Read More
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Episode 157 – Danny Trejo Movies

Recorded 8-5-21:  Drew and Pete talk the news this week and cover things they watched as usual. Then they have a good time looking at the film career of Danny Trejo. Top 5 List is... Read More

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