Recorded 5-12-22:  This week the guys take on a topic they should have covered a long time ago.  They cover their 5 favorite Marvel story arch’s.

Top 5 list is 51 minutes in.

Recorded 5-4-22:  Drew and Pete talk as usual cleaning off the news desk and discussing what they are watching.  Then the guys talk about their favorite movies from 2014.

Top 5 list is 47 minutes in.

Recorded 4-21-2022:  Last week Drew and Pete take a look a the film career of Bruce Willis so if you missed out please check it out. I you are all caught up this week Drew and Pete take a look at the film career of the villain of  Die hard Alan Rickman.

Top 5 List is 55 minutes in.

Recorded 4-14-2022:  This week its business as usual as the guys clear off the news desk.  Afterwords, they take a look at the career of Bruce Willis.

Top 5 List is 54 minutes in.