Recorded 10-1-2020:  Drew and Pete discuss all the things they are watching and as they go down the tangent road as they discuss the news.  But then they go down memory lane a little bit as they talk about the toys from their childhood that mad them who they are today.
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Recorded 5-21-2020: Its the news we have all been waiting for! Zack Snyder and Warner Brothers are finally releasing the Legendary Snydercut of Justice League.  The guys break down what they know and their excitement for the film.  Oh and they cover some other news stories too.  In the end the guys talk about 5 things that they feel are underrated in this crazy pop culture world we live in.

Recorded 5-14-20:  Drew and Pete sit down once again to look at the news and discus what is available.  Then the guys take a look a a world where they would be teaching a Film Class and 5 movies they would want to show for the sake of teaching this art they love to talk about.

Recorded 5-9-20:  It is an early morning for the guys. Due to a work issue Drew and Pete needed to record at an abnormal time for them. So welcome to the morning show version of the Top Five Report.  Drew and Pete have lots of news to clean off the news desk this week, an then the guys take a look back 20 years.  Discussing their favorite movies from 2020.