Recorded 10 10 2019:  The guys hit the news desk and share their opinions yet again on how bad they want the Snyder cut to be released.  Drew talks a little about the Joker movie doing his best to not spoil the film.  And then Drew and Peter talk about their favorite Emma Stone films.

Recorded: 10 3 2019:  Its Business as usual as the guys dig into things they watched and the never ending news desk.  We get an update on the Spiderman Marvel / Sony situation and then the guys break down their Top Five favorite movies that were written for the screen. (Not based on any existing source material)

Recorded 9 5 2019:  Peter had to sit this one out due to a car repair situation, but don’t worry our friend Mary Liz joins Drew again to discuss the news, from the new Bad Boys trailer to her early thoughts on the Joker to movie, and the Birds of Prey teaser trailer.  Drew and Mary Liz then talk about moves with Flashbacks and their top five favorite films told with flashbacks.