Recorded 10-8-2020:  From a Resident Evil remake to Electro in Spiderman the guys tackle the news desk.  Then Drew and Pete put the fate of their listening audience to the test and talk about their 5 unpopular opinions in pop culture.

Recorded 10-1-2020:  Drew and Pete discuss all the things they are watching and as they go down the tangent road as they discuss the news.  But then they go down memory lane a little bit as they talk about the toys from their childhood that mad them who they are today.
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Recorded 9-17-2020:  We continue through this crazy world that we live in, but Drew and Pete keep finding things to discuss.  After a few random news stories, The guys discuss the 5 things on TV that stop them from channel surfing.

Recorded 4-16-2020:  This week our heroes talk about what they have been doing during this quarantine.  And in the midst of this crazy world we all live in now where nothing is happening, there is actually items on the news desk to talk about.  After the guys clear off the news they talk about the five characters they would want on their apocalypse survival team, if your going to survive the end of days you better have a good team along with you.