Recorded 8-20-2020:  The guys are only a few days away from DC Fandome and as excited as they are for more Snyder cut news, the show must go on.  So after they clear the news for the week Drew and Pete talk about the 5 canceled TV shows that they want extra seasons.

Recorded 8-13-2020:  Our Heroes are suffering from the Convention Blues this week, as COVID keeps us away from attending the Con season that we all know and love.  So After Drew and Pete clear off the news desk, they talk about there favorite convention moments and some of the celebrities they have gotten to meet.

Recorded 5-9-20:  It is an early morning for the guys. Due to a work issue Drew and Pete needed to record at an abnormal time for them. So welcome to the morning show version of the Top Five Report.  Drew and Pete have lots of news to clean off the news desk this week, an then the guys take a look back 20 years.  Discussing their favorite movies from 2020.

Recorded 10 10 2019:  The guys hit the news desk and share their opinions yet again on how bad they want the Snyder cut to be released.  Drew talks a little about the Joker movie doing his best to not spoil the film.  And then Drew and Peter talk about their favorite Emma Stone films.