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Episode 166 – Movie Openings

Recorded 10-4-2021:  Drew and Pete sit down once again to look at the news around the world, and then they guys talk about their favorite movie opening scenes. Top 5 List is 43 minutes in Read More
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Episode 165 – Marvel v Heirs

Recorded 9-25-21:  This week Drew and Pete take a look at new Law suit against Marvel and the controlling rights to some of the biggest characters.  Then the guys try to make a new Avengers... Read More
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Episode 164 – Time to Party

Recorded 9-23-2021:  This week Drew and Pete take a look at the news as always and talk about some trailers that they are excited for, the Emmy’s and Star Wars Visions.  Then they talk about... Read More
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Episode 163 – 2001

Recorded 9-16-2021:  Drew and Pete sit down once again to discuss the news and thing they watched and read.  Then the guys take a look back 20 years to talk about their 5 favorite movies... Read More
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Episode 162 – TV Show Themes

Recorded 9-9-2021:  Drew and Pete talk the usual nonsense, like things they watched and anything that hit the news desk.  Then Drew and Pete talk about their top 5 favorite TV Show themes. Top 5... Read More

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