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Episode 275 – Iconic Weapons

Recorded 11-21-2023:  Drew and Pete sit down to discuss a few things in the news before their Thanksgiving dinner.  Then they talk about Iconic Weapons in pop culture from Star Wars to 80s fantasy, to... Read More
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Episode 274 – Danger Girls

Recorded 11-16-2023:  Drew and Pete get hit hard with a ton of news and stuff to discuss since the strikes have ended.  After the dust has settled, the guys talk about their favorite Female Action... Read More
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Episode 273 – Pure Action

Recorded 11-8-2023:  Drew and Pete sit done once again to explore the wide world of entertainment news.  After they sift through what is happening, the guys talk about their favorite action movies from 1980 –... Read More
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Episode 272 – Standup Comedy

Recorded 11-2-2023:  Drew and Pete sit down for a post Halloween discussion for things they watched and heading into the Christmas season.  After clearing off the news desk the guys talk about their favorite Standup... Read More
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Episode 271 – Scary Movie Survivors

Recorded 10-26-023:  Happy Halloween everyone,  This week Drew and Pete are joined by their friends Audrey and Erica, to have a spooky conversation about some of their favorite scary movies and the characters that survived... Read More

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