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Episode 231 – Favorite Directors

Recorded 1-24-2023:  This week its business as usual, Drew and Pete clear off the news desk and then talk about their favorite directors. Top 5 list is 54 minutes in. Read More
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Episode 230 – Movies on a Whim

Recxorded 1-17-2023:  Drew and Pete dive into the Dungeons and Dragons controversy once again as an update has been released.  (By the time this show has released a new OGL update has gone out).  Then... Read More
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Episode 229 – TV for 2023

Recorded 1 12 2023:  Drew and Pete take sometime to discuss the WOTC OGL that has been affecting the table top gaming community this week.  Then they talk about the 5 TV shows they most... Read More
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Episode 228 – Movies for 2023

Recorded 1-5-2023:  Its the first episode of 2023 and the guys sit down talk about the holiday break, things they watched, and some brief news.  Then they talk about all the 5 movies they are... Read More
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Episode 227 – Christmas Characters

Recorded 12-23-2022:  This is the final episode for the year.  Drew and Pete close out 2022 with a brief talk about things to come for DC after the new year.  Lots of DC news on... Read More

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