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Episode 214 – 1985 Movies

Recorded 9-13-22:  The guys clear off the news desk and try to make sense of the news dropped at D23.  Then they hop in the Way-Back machine and look at the movies from 1985. Top... Read More
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Episode 213 – Ryan Reynolds Movies

Recorded 9-8-2022:  This was the shortest week for news ever, so the guys spend a little more time talking about things they watched. Then they talk about their favorite movies starring Ryan Reynolds. Top 5... Read More
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Episode 212 – Movies from 2006

Recorded: 9-1-2022:  This week Drew and Pete kick things off as usual and talk the news, and then the guys talk about their favorite movies from 2006. Top 5 list is 49 minutes in. Read More
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Episode 211 – Fictional Parents

Recorded 8-24-2022:  Drew and Pete talk the first episodes of She Hulk and House of the Dragon Spoilers ahead!  Then after cleaning off the news desk, they talk about their favorite fictional parents. Top 5... Read More
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Episode 210 – Not so Pop Culture

Recorded 8-17-2022:  Drew and Pete talk a very light watching section, and then some light news as they clean off the news desk.  Then Drew and Pete talk about 5 thing that should be more... Read More

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