Recorded July 18 2019:  It’s the eve before Comic-con descends on San Diego, and already a tone of news and trailers have landed.  From Top Gun to Jay and Silent Bob, Drew and Pete do their best to keep up.  After they discuss the news it’s time for the Top 5 shows Drew and Pete want to guess star on. and Drew drops a story idea he is sure that the CW will probably steal from him.

Recorded July 11 2019: Can you believe it its out 1 year anniversary. We can’t thank all of our listeners and the people that help us behind the scenes enough. This week we hit the news as usual and then take a look at Movies that changed the world. As we celebrate our 1 year Anniversary and look to the future of the show. Thank you all for listening.

This week Drew and Pete took a well deserved week off. So, to not leave their wonderful listening audience behind. They have put this episode together to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the 1989 film Batman, Directed by Tim Burton, Staring Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholson. This is the movie that started it al!

Recorded June 27 2019: This week its business as usual. Then Drew and Pete take a look back at the year 1989 and all the movies celebrating a 30th anniversary. Top five movies from 1989 (Spoiler: The number 1 pick for both Drew and Pete may have sparked a special episode).