Recorded 10 10 2019:  The guys hit the news desk and share their opinions yet again on how bad they want the Snyder cut to be released.  Drew talks a little about the Joker movie doing his best to not spoil the film.  And then Drew and Peter talk about their favorite Emma Stone films.

Recorded: 10 3 2019:  Its Business as usual as the guys dig into things they watched and the never ending news desk.  We get an update on the Spiderman Marvel / Sony situation and then the guys break down their Top Five favorite movies that were written for the screen. (Not based on any existing source material)

Recorded 9 25 2019:  Peter had to sit this one our due to a schedule conflict. So Drew brought in and old friend Adam. And they had a great time digging through the news and discussing Adams adventure through the Arrowverse.  Then they talked about their top five favorite TV shows.