Recorded 12 12 2019: Merry Christmas everyone!! We hope you all have a safe and fun holiday, and we hope this episode keeps you all company while driving to all the holiday parties you plan on attending.  The week the guys hit the news as usual and talk the new Wonder Woman and Ghostbuster trailers. Then Drew and Pete put their feet up by the Christmas tree and warm themselves by the fire as they talk about their favorite TV Christmas Specials / Episodes.

Recorded 12 5 2019:  They guys have a great time talking about what they are watching and then clearing out the news. Then Drew and Pete take us down the road of fictional music from our favorite movies and television, as they discuss their 5 favorite fictional bands.

Recorded: 11 21 2019:  Peter had to call in sick this week, and due the amount of news that had to be covered Drew didn’t want to leave his listeners hanging.  So get ready for Drew to talk to himself for a little while.  After he cleans off the news desk, Drew talks about 5 games that you can breakout these coming holidays that might not be on the normal family radar.  Time to get Nana to play some DnD we think!