Recorded 1-14-2020:  So this week Drew didn’t watch anything, life has been busy for him, but Pete brings a few new things to the Watch / read category.  Then the guys clear off the news desk and then discuss the five video game environments they like the most.  Spoiler Drew is super vague in his picks, but it makes for good discussion.

Recorded 1- 2 – 2020:  Its back to business as usual, as the holidays come to an end Drew and Pete talk about Star Wars Rise of Skywalker and do their best to give a spoiler free review since they are sure there is someone who has not seen the new movie.  Then they take a look at the news that hit while they were on break. And then Bringing this week to a close they talk about the 5 TV shows they are excited for in 2020.

The guys decided to take a week off for the Holidays, so in the wake of their absence they recorded this special episode to tide you over into the new year.  This week Drew probes Pete into his love of Superman when and where he realized the boy in blue was his favorite. Then Drew talks Pete through his 5 favorite Superman moments. Next week we resume our regular scheduled program.