Recorded 4-16-20:  Another week goes by and the guys are still making their way through this new world we live in.  Drew has a few stories that need to be brushed off the news desk. and then Drew and Pete finally talk some Star Wars on an in depth level, and talk their 5 favorite Star Wars Characters.

Recorded 4-16-2020:  This week our heroes talk about what they have been doing during this quarantine.  And in the midst of this crazy world we all live in now where nothing is happening, there is actually items on the news desk to talk about.  After the guys clear off the news they talk about the five characters they would want on their apocalypse survival team, if your going to survive the end of days you better have a good team along with you.

Recorded 4-2-2020:  Drew and Pete seem to be using their quarantine time as best they can. Not much was on the news desk this week, so the guys cover the many things they have watched during this stay at home order so far.  Then to close it all out the guys talk about their 5 favorite movies that deal with space.

Recorded 3-26-2020:  With the world under quarantine there is little to no news to talk about but the guys are having a blast just letting the show wander wherever it wants to go.  so here is the first of the T5R Tangent-Casts.  Drew and Pete eventually get back on track and close things out with the 5 places they have always wanted to travel to that feeds their nerdy desires.