Recorded 7-16-2020: Pete is back from his vacation, and after the guys reunite they talk about the few things they have consumed as far as entertainment goes this week.  Then they clear off the news desk which has been light for a long time in this COVID world.  Then Drew and Pete talk about their favorite Anthology Series.

Recorded 7-11-2020:  Pete is off on vacation, so Drew is joined by a couple guests.  Drew welcomes back Mary Liz and his friend Drew.  So it becomes a challenge to keep the names straight this episode, but it was some great fun.  Drew cleans off the news desk and talks a ton of DC news for the up coming Snyder cut. and then they break down their 5 favorite sports movies.

Recorded 7-2-2020:  Here is it the guys have reached episode 100!!!  This show doesn’t make it this far without the help of great people behind the scenes as well as the great listening audience.  This is not a normal episode, Drew and Pete are joined by some guests and skip the normal segments of the show all together.  This week the guys finally take on the MCU and rank their favorite Marvel films, under a specific format they cover all 23 films an bump out the films that just don’t make the list.  This week was a long one but this is Episode 100 after all.

Recorded 6-25-2020:  Batman is back!!! The DC Universe has opened the door to all things possible as the announcement of Michael Keaton suiting up as our Dark Knight once again.  Drew and Pete are on a huge DC kick this week as they cover the usual news.  And then the guys discuss their 5 favorite DC stories.