Recorded 11-19-2020:  This week Drew and Pete take a look at the news as usual, and then they look back 4 years ago to talk about their 5 favorite movies from the last Presidential election.  List is 42 minutes in.

Recorded 11-12-2020:  This week Pete had to sit out due to a family situation, and family must come first sometimes so this week Drew is joined by his other brother Scott, and the two of them sift through the news.  Then Drew and Scott talk about their 5 favorite cliffhangers.  List is 37 minutes in.

Recorded 11-5-2020: Remember remember the fifth of November, in the midst of the election craziness Drew and Pete try to make sense of a world with its government in limbo.  after the news the guys talk about their 5 favorite DC Heroes.  List is at the 33 minute mark.

Recorded: 10-29-2020:  Drew and Pete are not alone this week as friend of the show Brynn stops by and catches the guys up on how she has been keeping busy in this COVID world.  Then after sifting through the news, Drew and Pete are joined by Brynn to discuss their 5 favorite Marvel Superheroes.

Recorded 10-22-2020:  Happy Halloween everyone,  Drew and Pete take a look at some of the news in this crazy world we live in. Then the guys discuss their 5 favorite horror villains.