Recorded 12-17-2020:  Its that time of year again as Drew and Pete sit down and discuss the coming year and all the movies they are looking forward to.  Its time to leave 2020 behind.

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Recorded 12-10-2020:  Merry Christmas Everyone!  and Christmas came early for us all in a Big Big way.  Disney at their investors meeting told us all how Star Wars and Marvel will save us all.  Drew and Pete along with Special Guest friend of the show Adam break it all down for you.  Then the guys talk about the 5 movies that may or may not be Christmas movies.  Have a fun and safe holiday everyone.

Recorded 12-3-2020:  This week as usual the guys talk about things they watch and then discuss the news.  Then Drew and Pete look back to when people read news papers and talk about their 5 favorite comic strips.

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Recorded 11-25-2020:  As we inch closer to the end of this crazy year Drew and Pete talk what news they have and then very heavily talk about the Mandalorian (spoiler heavy).  Then the guys talk about their 5 favorite Robot movies.

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