Recorded 2-11-21:  This week our heroes try to dig themselves out from under the snow long enough to thaw out so they can do a show.  Then they talk about their 5 favorite Cartoon Network Original shows.

Top 5 List is 44 minutes in.

Recorded 2-4-21:  Its back to normal as Drew and Pete talk about what they watched and what’s in the news. The the guys talk about their 5 favorite Bounty Hunters and Mercenaries from Pop Culture.

Top 5 List is 35 minutes in.

Recorded 1-28-2021:  This week Drew and Pete are joined by Travis Russel from the Youtube Channel Chicago Science Bros,  Travis talks about the science show he does with his kids and some of the crazy experiments they have attempted and a funny fail.  Then Travis joins Drew and Pete in breaking down the news this week.  Then the three of them jump into the Way-Back machine and take a look at the movies that came out in 1998.

Top 5 List is 40 minutes in

Recorded 1-21-2021: Our heroes take a look at the news and break down what they think is going on in Wanda Vision.  Then they guys talk about their 5 favorite TV pilot episodes.

Top 5 List is 45 minutes in