Recorded:  4-14-2021:  From Falcon and the Winter Soldier to the news they guys break it all down, and then they talk about their favorite Video Game Characters.

Top 5 list is 39 minutes in

Recorded 4-8-2021:  This week its business as usual and the guys cover the news, an then Drew and Pete talk about their 5 favorite Kijus, does Godzilla make the cut?  Listen to see?

Top 5 List is 40 minutes in

Recorded 4-1-2021:  This week Drew and Pete assure everyone that the news that is discussed is not apart of an elaborate April fools joke.  Then the guys take a look at the career of Brad Pitt and talk about their 5 favorite Brad Pitt Movies.

Top 5 List is 54 minutes in

Recorded 3-25-2021:  Drew and Pete sit down this week to heavily discus Zack Snyder’s Justice League.  They do cover some small news stories at the beginning but spend the majority of the show on the Snyder Cut.  Spoiler alert, you have been warned.

Top 5 list is 26 minutes in.