Recorded 9-16-2021:  Drew and Pete sit down once again to discuss the news and thing they watched and read.  Then the guys take a look back 20 years to talk about their 5 favorite movies from 2001.

Top 5 list 47 minutes in

Recorded 9-9-2021:  Drew and Pete talk the usual nonsense, like things they watched and anything that hit the news desk.  Then Drew and Pete talk about their top 5 favorite TV Show themes.

Top 5 List is 39 minutes in

Recorded 8-31-2021:  Drew and Pete get together once again to talk about all the things they have watched and read, and clear off the never ending news desk.  The they take a look at their 5 favorite Anime.

Top 5 List is 44 minutes in.

Recorded 8-26-2021:  Drew and Pete catch up on things watched and read, and clear off the news desk.  Then They talk about the 5 fictional sports they would like to play.

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