Recorded 1-18-2022:  Drew and Pete sit down this week to talk about 5 movies they know are bad, but they really like. after the news of course.

Top 5 list is 46 minutes in.

Recorded 1-13-2022:  Drew and Pete take you through the news, and then the guys talk about 5 movies they consider to be “perfect”.

Top 5 List is 47 minutes in.

Recorded 1-8-2022:  This Week Drew and Pete start the new year clearing off the news desk, and then talking about the Top 5 toy lines that made them watch TV.

Top 5 list is 42 minutes in.

Recorded 12-29-2021:  Drew and Pete look again to the future and talk about the Tv shows they are looking forward to in the coming year…oh and they talk about news and stuff too.

Top 5 list is 47 minutes in.

Recorded 12-20-2021:  It’s that time of year to clean off the news desk and look forward and discuss the movies we are most excited to see in 2022.

Top 5 list is 52 minutes in.