Recorded 4-14-2022:  This week its business as usual as the guys clear off the news desk.  Afterwords, they take a look at the career of Bruce Willis.

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Recorded:  4-4-22 Well the Oscars have happened and it’s that time of year for Drew and Pete to discuss their favorite movies from 2021, after they discuss the news of course.

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Recorded 3-31-2022:  Strap in for a long one everyone there was a ton to discuss this week. Drew and Pete work through a ton of news.  Once the dust is settled Drew and Pete talk about their 5 favorite classic lit novels.

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Recorded 3-24-2022:  Strap in for a long one everyone.  Drew and Pete cover a bunch of news and then dive deep into the art of storytelling through video games. and their 5 favorite stories from the gaming world.

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