Recorded 5-26-2022:  It’s the first day of Star Wars Celebration and the news hit hard. There is so much to discuss and it’s only the beginning.  After cleaning off the news desk, Drew and Pete talk about their 5 favorite Pirates.

Top 5 list is 1 hour in.

Recorded 5-12-22:  This week the guys take on a topic they should have covered a long time ago.  They cover their 5 favorite Marvel story arch’s.

Top 5 list is 51 minutes in.

Recorded 5-4-22:  Drew and Pete talk as usual cleaning off the news desk and discussing what they are watching.  Then the guys talk about their favorite movies from 2014.

Top 5 list is 47 minutes in.

Recorded 4-21-2022:  Last week Drew and Pete take a look a the film career of Bruce Willis so if you missed out please check it out. I you are all caught up this week Drew and Pete take a look at the film career of the villain of  Die hard Alan Rickman.

Top 5 List is 55 minutes in.