Recorded 6-21-2022:  Drew and Pete record the day before the Obi Wan finale so that review is a little short…so tune in next week! Drew and Pete talk some Stranger Things and clean off the news desk. then the guy’s discus and try to explain what we all seem to be learning about recently, the Multiverse.

Top 5 list 45 minutes in

Recorded 6-16-2022:  We hope everyone had a great Father’s Day. This week Drew and Pete talk a lot about Obi Wan and scratch the surface on Stranger Things. Then after the news desk is cleared off, they talk about all things we think we remember…. Mandela Effects.

Top 5 list is 57 minutes in

Recorded 6-8-2022:  It’s Episode 200 everyone, and Drew and Pete are happy to celebrate with everyone that and a huge thank you to all that have helped make this show what it is. This is a long one so strap in.  This week the guys are joined by their brother Sean and after clearing off the news desk they dive right into the Star Wars Universe and round out their 5 favorite Star Wars films.

Top 5 list 44 minutes in.

Recorded 6-1-22:  This week Drew and Pete talk Top Gun Maverick and begin the discussion on Obi wan (parts 1 and 2) .  Then they discuss the remaining announcements from Star Wars Celebration, and finally they talk about their 5 favorite Samuel L  Jackson movies.

Top 5 List is 42 minutes in.