Recorded 7-19-2022:  This week the guy’s prep for the long SDCC weekend about to happen and the massive news that will hit in a week. So, this week news is a little light, but news none the less. Then Drew and Pete talk about 5 movies that everyone should give another shot.

Top 5 List is 40 min in.

Recorded 7-14-2022:  This week Drew was not the biggest fan of Thor Love and Thunder (Spoiler Heavy Review). and the after cleaning off the news desk. The guys talk about their favorite Gods represented in Pop Culture.

Top 5 List is 54 min in.

Recorded 7-7-2022:  Stranger Things Finale, getting ready for Thor Love and Thunder, The Lost City, and the Clerks 3 trailer.  Then lots of news to discuss, but then the guys talk about their favorite Black and White movies.

Top 5 list is 54 min in.

Recorded 6-30-2022:  Drew and Pete talk the Obi-Wan finale, their thoughts on Stranger Things season 4 Part 1, and who might die. After cleaning off the news desk, the guys talk about their favorite Video Game Music.

Top 5 List is 1 hour in.