Recorded 9-24-2022:  Drew and Pete record a little late this week due to a medical emergency, but they weren’t going to let this week slide.  After they give a few reviews and discuss the news for the week. The guys talk about thier favorite X-Men.

Top 5 list is 50 minutes in.

Recorded 9-13-22:  The guys clear off the news desk and try to make sense of the news dropped at D23.  Then they hop in the Way-Back machine and look at the movies from 1985.

Top 5 list is 56 minutes in.

Recorded 9-8-2022:  This was the shortest week for news ever, so the guys spend a little more time talking about things they watched. Then they talk about their favorite movies starring Ryan Reynolds.

Top 5 list is 46 minutes in.

Recorded: 9-1-2022:  This week Drew and Pete kick things off as usual and talk the news, and then the guys talk about their favorite movies from 2006.

Top 5 list is 49 minutes in.