Recorded 10-27-2022:  Happy Halloween everyone!  This week DC dropped a major story on us, so the guys break down their thought on this huge promising story. Then in the sprit of Halloween Drew and Pete talk about their five favorite scary moments in pop culture.

Top 5 list is 50 minutes in.

Recorded 10-20-2022: This week Drew and Pete continue on as usual, but at the end they talk about their favorite Rescue the Princess moments in Pop culture.

Top 5 list is 45 minutes in.

Recorded 10-13-22:  This week Drew and Pete cover a few reviews, and the news and then gush about the possibility of the future Lego sets.  Then they talk about their favorite Movie adaptations from Tv shows.

Top 5 List is 57 minutes in.


Recorded 10-4-2022:  Drew and Pete clean off the news desk as usual and talk about the shows and movies they have watched. Then our Heroes talk about their favorite movies from 1994.

Top 5 list is 43 minutes in.

Recorded 9-27-2022:  This week the news is lite do to Drew and Pete sitting down to record early.  But after the reviews and some news, the guys talk about their favorite music videos.

Top 5 list is 41 minutes in.