Recorded 4-9-2024:  This week Drew and Pete sit down as always to pick apart news and discuss the media they have consumed. Then they take a moment and talk about five animated crossovers they would love to see.

Top 5 list is 28 minutes in.

Recorded 4-3-2024:  Drew and Pete tackle a slow news week, and follow it up with a discussion of their favorite movies that take place over the course of a single day.

Top 5 list is

Recorded 3-28-2024:  Hello, and strap in for a long one this week as Drew and Pete break down a ton of news, multiple new trailers, Drew reviews Ghostbusters Frozen Empire.  After all of that Drew and Pete break down 5 of their favorite fandoms and where they think you should start if interested.

Top 5 list is 59 minutes in.

Recorded 3-20-2024:  Drew and Pete cover several new trailers as they clean off the news desk.  Then Drew and Pete talk about their favorite podcasts and what made them start this one in the first place.

Top 5 list is 54 minutes in.

Recorded 3-13-2024:  Drew and Pete sit down this week after the Oscars and talk about thier favorite movies from this past year.  That is of course after they clear off that news desk.

Top 5 list is 45 minutes in.