Recorded 3-28-2024:  Hello, and strap in for a long one this week as Drew and Pete break down a ton of news, multiple new trailers, Drew reviews Ghostbusters Frozen Empire.  After all of that Drew and Pete break down 5 of their favorite fandoms and where they think you should start if interested.

Top 5 list is 59 minutes in.

Recorded 2-29-2024:  This week happens to be Leap Year day, so Drew and Pete sit down and talk about the news and then talk about five movies that they found uncomfortable to watch.

Top 5 list is 51 minutes in.

Recorded 2-6-2024;  This week as always Drew and Pete sit down to discuss the week and the news that landed.  After that Drew and Pete talk about their favorite gadgets from pop culture.

Top 5 list is 36 minutes in.

Recorded 1-3-2024:  Drew and Pete are back after a nice Christmas break, rested and refreshed, its time to get back the table.  Drew and Pete talk heavily about Rebel Moon (spoiler warning).  Then after they clean off the news desk they talk about their favorite Sword and Sorcery / Fantasy Films.

Top 5 List is 55 minutes in.

Recorded 12-12-2023:  This week Drew and Pete clear off the the news desk, and then take another look to the future as they talk about the TV they look forward to in 2024.

Top 5 list in 48 minutes in.