Recorded 10-19-2023:  Drew and Pete discuss the news and things they watched, then they break down their favorite movies from 2015.

Top 5 List is 45 minutes in.

Recorded 10-11-2023:  Drew and Peter are at it again, as they talk about what they are watching, and clearing off the news desk.  Then the guys talk about their dream ideas for home theaters.

Top 5 list is 48 minutes in.


Recorded 10-4-2023:  This week Drew and Pete are joined once again by friend of the show Audrey, they talk about Ahsoka and terrifying direction Star Wars could be headed.  They break down the news and then per Audrey’s idea they talk about their favorite movies that change genre during the film.

Top 5 list is 54 minutes in.

Recorded 9-13-2023:  This week Drew and Pete dig deeper into the world that the Ahsoka Show on Disney Plus is showing us.  Then the guys talk through some news.  And finally discuss the 5 movies they wish they could have seen on opening night.

Top 5 list is 45 minutes in.

Recorded 9 7 2023:  Drew and Pete sit down once again to talk about things they watched, and discuss the news.  Then the guys talk about their favorite sketch comedy shows.

Top 5 list is 1 hour 4 minutes in.