Recorded 3-11-21:  As we inch closer to the Snyder Cut Drew and Pete talk about some lite news and then break down their Top 5 favorite Justice League Stories from DC Comics History.

Top 5 List is 42 minutes in

Recorded 3-4-2021:  This week Drew and Pete are joined by Film maker Mathew Roth and actress Natalie Southerland.  They talk about their work in the industry from Mathew’s movies “Five Piece” and “The Man who collected food” to Natalie’s career on stage and behind the camera as well as working with Mathew on his films.  Then Drew and Peter along with Mathew and Natalie talk about there 5 favorite Medieval Fantasy films.

Top 5 List 36 minutes in.

Recorded 2-25-2021:  Drew and Pete take a look at the news as they grow ever closer to the Snyder Cut. Then the guys dive into what could be a fantasy time loop and talk about the movies that they would want to relive over and over if caught in a time loop much like groundhog day.

Top 5 list is 53 minutes in.

Recorded 2-11-21:  This week our heroes try to dig themselves out from under the snow long enough to thaw out so they can do a show.  Then they talk about their 5 favorite Cartoon Network Original shows.

Top 5 List is 44 minutes in.

Recorded 2-4-21:  Its back to normal as Drew and Pete talk about what they watched and what’s in the news. The the guys talk about their 5 favorite Bounty Hunters and Mercenaries from Pop Culture.

Top 5 List is 35 minutes in.