Recorded 8 26 2019:  D23 is over and there is tons of news to discuss.  Drew and Pete are joined by Mary Liz once again as they unpack all the news from the D23 convention, and the countdown to Disney Plus’s launch begins.  Over the past few weeks the guys have been discussing the films of Disney an now its time to take those lists and narrow them down to their top five favorite Disney films of all time.

Recorded:  8 19 2019:  The guys are joined by Mary Liz again as they look at everything from Robin Hood, the Joker, Kryptons cancelation, to the hopes of what D23 will bring this year.  Then the Disney talk continues when the thee of them go over their top 5 favorite animated Disney films.  These seem to be held in a much higher regard than the other for some reason, so strap in for a magical conversation.