Recorded 4-16-2020:  This week our heroes talk about what they have been doing during this quarantine.  And in the midst of this crazy world we all live in now where nothing is happening, there is actually items on the news desk to talk about.  After the guys clear off the news they talk about the five characters they would want on their apocalypse survival team, if your going to survive the end of days you better have a good team along with you.

Recorded 3-12-2020:  As the Corona Virus starts its decent on Nerd Culture, Drew and Pete take a look at all the things being affected by cancelations and delays.  The guys then clean off the news desk from all the stories that took place during the C2E2 week.  Then Drew and Pete take a look at the five Police movies they have come to love.

Recorded 2-20-2020:  Its Business as usual as the guys talk about things they watched this week.  Drew and Pete then clean off their news desk, Pete gives his thoughts on the new Batman suit. And then they break down the 5 fictional things they wish were real from movies and other forms of entertainment.

Recorded 2-13-2020:  From Jay and Silent Bob to Alita Battle Angel the guys talk about their watches this week.  Then Drew cleans off the giant stack from the news desk and gives his first thoughts on the new Batman suit.  Then its time to talk about the 5 jobs the guys would want if they lived in the fictional worlds they love to talk about.