Recorded 8-2-2023:  This week the guys are joined their friend Audrey who guest appeared while Pete was on vacation.  After they catch up and cover the news.  The three of them hop in the Way Back machine and take a look at the movies that came out in 2009.

Top 5 list is 1 hour 11 minutes in.

Recorded 9-16-2021:  Drew and Pete sit down once again to discuss the news and thing they watched and read.  Then the guys take a look back 20 years to talk about their 5 favorite movies from 2001.

Top 5 list 47 minutes in

Recorded 9-24-2020:  There was a ton of news this week and Drew and Pete strap in for a good old time going down the road of tangents.  Then the guys talk about their 5 favorite movies from 1987.

Recorded 9-17-2020:  We continue through this crazy world that we live in, but Drew and Pete keep finding things to discuss.  After a few random news stories, The guys discuss the 5 things on TV that stop them from channel surfing.