Recorded 6-22-2023:  The week Drew and Pete give a very spoiler heavy review of the Flash (you have been warned).  They spend almost the whole episode talking about the Flash movie.  once they cover the Flash and clear off the remaining news, the guys talk about their favorite College based movies.

Top 5 list is 1 hour 3 minutes in.

Recorded 6-15-2023:  Drew and Pete talk about a few things they re-watched, and clear out the news.  Then the guys discuss the five movies that they would suggest you watch if you want to make a Super Hero Movie.

Top 5 list is 45 minutes in.

Recorded 3-25-2021:  Drew and Pete sit down this week to heavily discus Zack Snyder’s Justice League.  They do cover some small news stories at the beginning but spend the majority of the show on the Snyder Cut.  Spoiler alert, you have been warned.

Top 5 list is 26 minutes in.


Recorded 7-11-2020:  Pete is off on vacation, so Drew is joined by a couple guests.  Drew welcomes back Mary Liz and his friend Drew.  So it becomes a challenge to keep the names straight this episode, but it was some great fun.  Drew cleans off the news desk and talks a ton of DC news for the up coming Snyder cut. and then they break down their 5 favorite sports movies.