Recorded 1-24-2023:  This week its business as usual, Drew and Pete clear off the news desk and then talk about their favorite directors.

Top 5 list is 54 minutes in.

Recxorded 1-17-2023:  Drew and Pete dive into the Dungeons and Dragons controversy once again as an update has been released.  (By the time this show has released a new OGL update has gone out).  Then the guys talk about their Top 5 movies that they saw on a whim.

Top 5 list is 50 minutes in.

Recorded 1 12 2023:  Drew and Pete take sometime to discuss the WOTC OGL that has been affecting the table top gaming community this week.  Then they talk about the 5 TV shows they most looking forward to in 2023.

Top 5 List is 1 hour in.

Recorded 1-5-2023:  Its the first episode of 2023 and the guys sit down talk about the holiday break, things they watched, and some brief news.  Then they talk about all the 5 movies they are looking forward to in 2023.

Top 5 list is 38 minutes in.

Recorded 12-23-2022:  This is the final episode for the year.  Drew and Pete close out 2022 with a brief talk about things to come for DC after the new year.  Lots of DC news on the way get ready.  Then our heroes talk about their favorite Christmas Characters.  See you all in 2023.

Top 5 list is 56 minutes in.