Recorded 3-14-2023:  Its that time of year again, were the Oscars have taken place and a new best picture has been named. So after the guys talk about the news, they break down  their favorite movies from 2022.

Top 5 list is 31 minutes in.

Recorded 3-9-2023:  Drew and Pete talk news as usual and discuss the up coming Oscars, and they look forward to discussing their favorite movies from 2022…but until the Oscars can happen they talk about their favorite ensemble casts.

Top 5 list is 35 minutes in.

Recorded 2-21-2023:  This week Drew and Pete ruin a handful of movies when they talk about their favorite twist endings.  Oh and they talk some news…and there was this Ant-man movie that came out that Drew gives his review on.

Top 5 list is 36 minutes in.

Recorded 2-17-2023:  This week Drew and Pete talk about the Flash trailer and other TV spots during the Super Bowl.  After a short bit of news the guys talk about their favorite convention panels they have attended.

Top 5 list is 38 minutes in.

Recorded 2-9-2023: Drew and Pete cover the news as usual, and talk about some things they watched. And like always Drew and Pete talk a Top five list.  This week They talk about their favorite Book Adaptations.

Top 5 List in 49 minutes in.