Recorded 1-18-2024:  Drew and Pete sit down this week and discuss their favorite Zack Snyder Films.  Drew and Pete spend a lot of time on this subject so strap in for a lengthy discussion.

Top 5 list 47 min in.

Recorded 10-27-2022:  Happy Halloween everyone!  This week DC dropped a major story on us, so the guys break down their thought on this huge promising story. Then in the sprit of Halloween Drew and Pete talk about their five favorite scary moments in pop culture.

Top 5 list is 50 minutes in.

Recorded: 9-1-2022:  This week Drew and Pete kick things off as usual and talk the news, and then the guys talk about their favorite movies from 2006.

Top 5 list is 49 minutes in.

Recorded 8-4-2022:  This week Drew and Pete talk about the beginning of the big shake up at HBO Max, and the Batgirl Cancelation.  Then once they finish clearing off the news desk, the guys talk about the 5 films that they recognize in a short span of time.

Recorded 7-26-2022:  Drew flies’ solo this week and does his best to cover the mega ton of news that dropped due to SDCC this week.  Then Drew breaks down his 5 favorite things from this year’s Comic Con.

Top 5 list 47 minutes in.