Recorded 1-13-2022:  Drew and Pete take you through the news, and then the guys talk about 5 movies they consider to be “perfect”.

Top 5 List is 47 minutes in.

Recorded 1-8-2022:  This Week Drew and Pete start the new year clearing off the news desk, and then talking about the Top 5 toy lines that made them watch TV.

Top 5 list is 42 minutes in.

Recorded 11-18-2021:  Once again there is a ton of news to discuss so the guys waste no time and jump right into the discussion.  They out heroes talk about their 5 favorite movie posters.

Top 5 list is 50 minutes in.

Recorded 11-11-2021:  It is the night before Disney Plus day and Drew And Pete have a ton of news and reveals to discuss.  After they get through the news they talk about their favorite Indy Comics.

Top 5 list is 42 minutes in.