Recorded 1-8-2022:  This Week Drew and Pete start the new year clearing off the news desk, and then talking about the Top 5 toy lines that made them watch TV.

Top 5 list is 42 minutes in.

Recorded 11-18-2021:  Once again there is a ton of news to discuss so the guys waste no time and jump right into the discussion.  They out heroes talk about their 5 favorite movie posters.

Top 5 list is 50 minutes in.

Recorded 11-11-2021:  It is the night before Disney Plus day and Drew And Pete have a ton of news and reveals to discuss.  After they get through the news they talk about their favorite Indy Comics.

Top 5 list is 42 minutes in.

Recorded 11-3-2021:  Its that time of the week again for Drew and Pete to sit down and talk about all their favorite things, and all the news that dropped this week.  Then they talk about their 5 favorite Marital Arts movies.

Top 5 list 43 minutes in.