Recorded 8-2-2023:  This week the guys are joined their friend Audrey who guest appeared while Pete was on vacation.  After they catch up and cover the news.  The three of them hop in the Way Back machine and take a look at the movies that came out in 2009.

Top 5 list is 1 hour 11 minutes in.

Recorded 12-8-2022:  This week Drew and Pete talk about the DCU and some things James Gunn tweeted.  After the News the guys talk about 5 fictional places they would like to visit for a vacation.

Top 5 List is 46 minutes in.

Recorded on 12-1-2022:  After a brief break for the Thanksgiving Holiday Drew and Pete sit back down and discuss the things they watched, the news that dropped, and their favorite who done it murder mysteries.

Top 5 list is an hour and ten minutes in.

Recorded 11-17-2022:  This week DC continues to pump out news, and Drew and Pete do their best to sift through and make sense of what they can.  Then the guys talk about five pop culture items that they would like to decorate their house with.

Top five list is 52 minutes in.

Recorded 11-8-2022:  This week Drew and Pete cover more exciting news coming out of DC as the new DCU begins to show some promise.  Then the guys talk about their favorite Steve Buscemi films.

Top 5 list is 40 minutes in.