Recorded 6-5-2024:  This week Drew and Pete sit down just the two of them to catch up and talk the news and review the first couple episodes of the Acolyte.  Then they talk about their favorite TV Workplace Comedies.

Top 5 list is 48 minutes in.

Recorded 5-29-2024:  This week friend of the show Hanna Adell stops by to talk all things Nerd Culture with guys. They cover everything from stuff they watched, cosplay attending conventions, and beyond.  After that the three of them discuss What it takes to become a Disney Princess, the rules, and their favorite Princess.

Top 5 list is 41 minutes in.

Recorded 5-22-2024:  Its episode 300! What a milestone.  This week Drew and Pete are joined once again by friend of the show Audrey to discuss all things pop culture.  Then the three of them discuss the 5 things that make them who they are and what took them down their pop culture journey.

Top 5 list is 51 minutes in.

Recorded 5-8-2024:  Drew and Pete talk pop culture once again as they break down Star Wars Day shopping / viewing.  After they clear off the news desk they talk about the animated characters they would like to have for dinner.

Top 5 list is 49 minutes in.

Recorded 5-1-2024:  This week the guys sit down once again to talk all things nerd culture.  Pete had a chance to attend C2E2 in Chicago so he recounts his tale of the Con.  Then after hearing of Pete’s adventures the guys talk about their favorite movies with number in the titles.

Top 5 List is 53 minutes in.