Recorded 2-1-2024:  Drew and Pete are at it again as they dig through the news and, then talk about 5 character deaths that really had an affect on them.

Top 5 list is 44 minutes in.

Recorded 1-25-2024:  Drew and Pete sit down and clear off the news desk, talk about some new movies and shows they watched and finally discuss their favorite SNL Movies.

Top 5 list is 49 min in.

Recorded 1-18-2024:  Drew and Pete sit down this week and discuss their favorite Zack Snyder Films.  Drew and Pete spend a lot of time on this subject so strap in for a lengthy discussion.

Top 5 list 47 min in.

Recorded 1-10-2024:  Drew and Pete take a look at the nerd news and give a couple of reviews.  Then they talk about their favorite Video Game Villains.

Top 5 list is 48 minutes in.

Recorded 1-3-2024:  Drew and Pete are back after a nice Christmas break, rested and refreshed, its time to get back the table.  Drew and Pete talk heavily about Rebel Moon (spoiler warning).  Then after they clean off the news desk they talk about their favorite Sword and Sorcery / Fantasy Films.

Top 5 List is 55 minutes in.