Recorded 12-12-2023:  This week Drew and Pete clear off the the news desk, and then take another look to the future as they talk about the TV they look forward to in 2024.

Top 5 list in 48 minutes in.

Recorded 6-6-2023:  Drew and Pete are at it again as they breakdown what they are watching and the news. Then the guys talk about their favorite TV shows meant for streaming.

Top 5 list is 52 minutes in.

Recorded 4-11-2023:  This week its back to form, Drew and Pete cover news missed while at C2E2, and they talk about all the big announcements from Star Wars Celebration London.  Then the guys talk about the super powers they wish they could have.

Top 5 list is 1 hour in.

Recorded 2-2-2023: James Gunn Dropped a mega ton of news on the world as he released the slate of the DCU Plan.  After Drew and Pete clear the ton of news of the desk, they talk about their favorite Battle Scenes from cinema.

Top 5 List is 1hr, 7min in.

Recxorded 1-17-2023:  Drew and Pete dive into the Dungeons and Dragons controversy once again as an update has been released.  (By the time this show has released a new OGL update has gone out).  Then the guys talk about their Top 5 movies that they saw on a whim.

Top 5 list is 50 minutes in.