Recorded 3-24-2022:  Strap in for a long one everyone.  Drew and Pete cover a bunch of news and then dive deep into the art of storytelling through video games. and their 5 favorite stories from the gaming world.

Top 5 list is 48 minutes in.

Recorded: 3-17-2022:  Its business as usual as Drew and Pete cover what they are watching, and then cleaning off the news desk. Then the guys talk about their 5 favorite End Credit Songs from film.

Top 5 list is 55 minutes in.

Recorded: 10 3 2019:  Its Business as usual as the guys dig into things they watched and the never ending news desk.  We get an update on the Spiderman Marvel / Sony situation and then the guys break down their Top Five favorite movies that were written for the screen. (Not based on any existing source material)