Recorded 9-13-22:  The guys clear off the news desk and try to make sense of the news dropped at D23.  Then they hop in the Way-Back machine and look at the movies from 1985.

Top 5 list is 56 minutes in.

Recorded 9-8-2022:  This was the shortest week for news ever, so the guys spend a little more time talking about things they watched. Then they talk about their favorite movies starring Ryan Reynolds.

Top 5 list is 46 minutes in.

Recorded 8-24-2022:  Drew and Pete talk the first episodes of She Hulk and House of the Dragon Spoilers ahead!  Then after cleaning off the news desk, they talk about their favorite fictional parents.

Top 5 list is 47 minutes in.

Recorded 8-10-2022:  This week Drew and Pete try to continue to make some sense of what has been going on over at WB and the fate of the DC universe.  Then the guys talk about their favorite special effect moments.

Top 5 list is 48 minutes in.

Recorded 7-26-2022:  Drew flies’ solo this week and does his best to cover the mega ton of news that dropped due to SDCC this week.  Then Drew breaks down his 5 favorite things from this year’s Comic Con.

Top 5 list 47 minutes in.