Recorded 6-30-2022:  Drew and Pete talk the Obi-Wan finale, their thoughts on Stranger Things season 4 Part 1, and who might die. After cleaning off the news desk, the guys talk about their favorite Video Game Music.

Top 5 List is 1 hour in.

Recorded 6-21-2022:  Drew and Pete record the day before the Obi Wan finale so that review is a little short…so tune in next week! Drew and Pete talk some Stranger Things and clean off the news desk. then the guy’s discus and try to explain what we all seem to be learning about recently, the Multiverse.

Top 5 list 45 minutes in

Recorded 6-8-2022:  It’s Episode 200 everyone, and Drew and Pete are happy to celebrate with everyone that and a huge thank you to all that have helped make this show what it is. This is a long one so strap in.  This week the guys are joined by their brother Sean and after clearing off the news desk they dive right into the Star Wars Universe and round out their 5 favorite Star Wars films.

Top 5 list 44 minutes in.

Recorded July 18 2019:  It’s the eve before Comic-con descends on San Diego, and already a tone of news and trailers have landed.  From Top Gun to Jay and Silent Bob, Drew and Pete do their best to keep up.  After they discuss the news it’s time for the Top 5 shows Drew and Pete want to guess star on. and Drew drops a story idea he is sure that the CW will probably steal from him.