Recorded 5-23-23:  This week they are back in the saddle and Drew and Pete clear off the news desk, and discuss their favorite movies that give out awards.

Top 5 list is 49 minutes in.

Recorded 5-17-2023: This week Pete gives half a review of the Dungeons and Dragons movie, Drew wants everyone to watch Muppets Mayhem, and they talk about the news as usual.  Then the guys talk about their favorite Animated film Directors.

Top 5 list is 47 minutes in.

Recorded on 5-9-2023:  This week its business as usual as the guys talk about what they watched and a spoiler heavy review of Guardians of the Galaxy 3.  Then after clearing of the news desk Drew and Pete talk about their 5 favorite Collectors Editions they have purchased over the years.

Top 5 list is 55 minutes in.

Recorded 5-4-2023:  Drew and Pete wish everyone a Happy Star Wars Day!  After some light news and making some sense of the writers strike the guys talk about their favorite things from TV that wasn’t that big of a deal.

Top 5 List 48 minutes in.

Recorded 4-27-2023:  Pete is back from vacation so after a brief catch up Drew and Pete dive right back into things with some quick reviews and the news. Then the guys dig into their favorite movies that take place on the open water.

Top 5 list 45 minutes in