Recorded 3-3-2022:  Stap in for a long one as Drew and Pete sit down once again to discuss the Nerd World with a ton of news. Once they cover all the news, the guys talk about their favorite Jim Carrey movies.

Top 5 List 1 hour in.

Recorded 2-24-2022:  This week after the usual business is discussed the guys talk about their favorite superhero movies before 2005.

Top 5 list 49 minutes in

Recorded 2-15-2022:  Drew and Pete hit the news desk as always, but this is the quickest they have ever gotten through it.  Then they talk about their 5 favorite movies from 1995.

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Recorded 2-10-22:  Drew and Pete dig through a ton of news this week, but once the dust settles, they talk about their favorite voice actors.

Top 5 list is 52 minutes in.

Recorded 2-1-2022:  After clearing the news desk and talking about what they are watching, our heroes talk about thier favorite moments in storytelling when a character would come back to life.

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