Recorded 5-8-2024:  Drew and Pete talk pop culture once again as they break down Star Wars Day shopping / viewing.  After they clear off the news desk they talk about the animated characters they would like to have for dinner.

Top 5 list is 49 minutes in.

Recorded 5-1-2024:  This week the guys sit down once again to talk all things nerd culture.  Pete had a chance to attend C2E2 in Chicago so he recounts his tale of the Con.  Then after hearing of Pete’s adventures the guys talk about their favorite movies with number in the titles.

Top 5 List is 53 minutes in.

Recorded 4-25-2024:  This week Drew Pete review several things from Fallout, to Wish, to the Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare, to Rebel Moon Part 2.  Then after a brief look at the news they talk about their favorite movies where people who don’t get along have ot work together.

Top 5 list is 51 minutes in.

Recorded 4-17-2024:  This week Drew and Pete review the first few episodes of Fallout and how much they are enjoying the show.  Then after talking about the news they take a look at the movies produced by Jerry Bruckheimer.

Top 5 list is 58 minutes in.

Recorded 4-9-2024:  This week Drew and Pete sit down as always to pick apart news and discuss the media they have consumed. Then they take a moment and talk about five animated crossovers they would love to see.

Top 5 list is 28 minutes in.